Who’s your Daddy?

We are so excited to be able to bring you a list of some of the best bloodlines this side of the Mississippi. You can talk to any of the owners of these stallions or anyone who has an offspring from these stallions and they will tell you that breeding to any of them will certainly gain you a great addition to your herd.

Maybe you are looking for an offspring that is already running or that is just coming 2 or 3 or 4 to run in The Panty Raid 2015, whatever you are looking for why not look for one that is bred with one of these beautiful stallions and get benefits of the East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund (ECSIF) right here at home.

This year if the horse you are riding is one of these Stallions or one of these bad boys is your baby’s Daddy then you will be eligible for extra incentive money at The Panty Raid and The Best of the Best. This is our breakout year for the ECSIF and we hope that is goes well and we can bring more incentive money to other shows in the years to come.

Don’t forget to look through this list and see if you are eligible for the extra East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund Money!

Hank Rules

Less Talk Moreaction

Lil Poco Jess Tivio

Sunfrost Bronsin

Boxers N Briefs

cf Chickasaw Warrior

SHF Kiss This

MH Prime Time

JL Turn Ta Fame

RedNeck Jet


Deep Sixum

VF Smooth N Rare

CB Heza Fast Guy

Martis Speed Racer

A Mitey Sweet Guy

Hesa Sonny Bar


Hutchs Festus Twist

Justins Rare Fuel

Quarterback Draw

Sixes Liaison

Blue Valentine Heir

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