East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund Started in Dec of 2013 –

Some of our goals-

• To bring the futurity game back to the east coast with bigger pots of added money and incentives

• To bring recognition to the East Coast Stallion owners and promote their athletic, beautiful animals to people east of the Mississippi and even beyond. We recognize there are several talented, tough horses and riders on the east coast that are unable to travel west for the futurity game.

• To let people know about the off springs and breeding information to the Stallions in the East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund, a benefit to everyone involved.

• We want to help the eastern owner’s sell their talented offspring, build the east coast with their amazing stock and allow the horses and riders east of the Mississippi to enjoy the big money futurities and open barrel races.

• To have the people who buy offspring from your stallions have an extra incentive to run at the barrel races that promote The East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund. In the Futurity’s and the Open Classes

• We want the average Joe to be able to come and run at shows that they normally would not think about going to and have a chance to put something in their pocket for the drive home.

If you are interested in joining the East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund & have additional questions please drop us an email at g4horseranch@gmail.com or call us at 330-771-3205 (Dawn) or 330 592-5745 (Clea) for more details.   We will be posting on the blog at www.ecsif.com or and of course on our Facebook Page. On The Road with Dawn and Clea

2 Responses to About

  1. Rhonda Warn says:

    My horses daddy is Frenchman fabulous how do you know what horses re eligible?

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