RedNeck Jet – Being a Redneck is not just a way of life, it’s a way of winning. Join the championship tradition and ride the best-ride a Redneck.

When we can start out with the following – we have to ask  What are you waiting for……… Go get a RedNeck Jet horseRosey

Redneck Jet is also an AQHA Amateur Pole Bending World Champion; a Senior Pole Bending Reserve Congress Champion; an Open Pole Bending High Point Award winner; and winner of the Jud Little Fast Five at the Fort Worth Stockyard Show. Jet has earned almost 500 AQHA  points and over $20,000 in AQHA show earnings.

Jet’s foals have earned 4 AQHA  World Championships and one Reserve World Championship; countless top tens; 3 All American Quarter Horse Congress titles, one Reserve Congress Championship; multiple AQHA High Point Awards (in barrels and poles); and multiple NPBA Futurity & Kindergarten Futurity Championships. Jet’s offspring have earned over 1700 AQHA points and over $65,000 in AQHA show earnings.

Triple your investment by breeding to a proven stallion, Redneck Jet, who is currently enrolled in three major incentive programs ; the AQHA incentive fund, the KyQHA BIF,& the ECSIF. If you are looking for a versatile horse to be competitive in all levels of competition- from IBRA, NBHA, AQHA, open and high school/jr high rodeo events, then look no further.

Here is a list of some of the offsprings currently in competition: –   Superstar

  • Sizzlin Redneck-
    • AQHA World Champion  2013
    • Congress Champion 2013
    • KY State Fair Champion –multiple classes
    • AQHA Open High Point Champion
  • TT Redneck Roulette-
    • AQHA World Champion 2013
    • Top 5 at NPBA futurity 2013
  • TT Redneck Ninja-
    • Reserve World Champion  2012
    • NPBA futurity champion & amateur champion 2013
  • Redneck Rosey-
    • AQHA open high point barrels 2007
  • Shebered-
    • Winner of 2012 Jackson Flyer Barrel Futurity
  • A Rednecks Joey-
    • AQHA Open High Point Reserve Champion 2013
    • NPBA reserve futurity champion
  • TT Redneck Rickibobby-
    • 3 top ten places at Congress 2013
    • AQHA World Show Top ten
  • Redneck Cowboy Jet-
    • 3 top ten places at Congress 2013running
  • TT Redneck Missile –
    • Congress Champ 2011
    • Texas Youth Rodeo Association finalists
    • Currently competing in Texas.
  •  Redneck Revolution-
    • Congress Reserve Champ 2010
    • 3 top ten places at Congress 2010
    • Jud Little Fast Five
    • AQHA world show top ten 2010
    • Texas Youth Rodeo Association:
      • 2011 Res Champion – YE (buckle)
      • 2012 Finals and YE Champion – (2 saddles)
    • Texas HS Rodeo Association:
      • 2012 Region 7 State Qualifier (buckle)
      • 2012 State Finals Top 3 – Round 1 (buckle)
      • 2012 State Finals Top 5 – Round 2 (buckle)
      • 2012 State Finals Short G0 – qualifier (halter)Jetta (barrels)
      • 2012 National Finals Alternate
    • Fort Bend County Youth Rodeo Association
      • 2010 – Summer Series Champion (buckle)
      • 2011 – Summer Series Champion (buckle)
    • All Around Saddle Winner….
    •  Currently running in the Texas State Jr High School Rodeo Association
  • Rednecks Lucky Charm-
    • 2 top ten places at Congress 2013
  • Redneck Rocket-
    • KY State Fair Barrels Champion 2013
  • Redneck Jackpot-
    • Reserve Champion in the 1st division at the NBHA Kansas State Finals Futurity.
  • Redneck Wheels-
    • AQHA high point top ten 2013Sizzle-Congress
  • Redneck Diamond-
    • Multiple top ten congress places/sweepstakes
    • Multiple top ten AQHA World Show places
    • 2 time Jud Little Fast Five
    • Currently running in North Carolina in the Jr Rodeo Association
  • Redneck Daisy-
    • Congress Champion 2010
    • 2 time AQHA World Show Champion 2010
  • TT Redneck Nitro-
    • Congress top ten placer 2012
    • AQHA world show top ten placer
    • Currently running in Texas

Overall, Rednecks placed:

15 top ten places at the 2013 Congress

Top 4 places at the NPBA Championship show in the futurity 2013

4 top ten places at the AQHA world show 2013

Currently Standing:

Standing at Total Equine Services Equestrian Center in Falmouth Kentucky. (WS)

Total Equine Services Equestrian Center:




More information and photos available at:

Trent Tobin ( owner) 419-295-3241

$750 stud fee

$200 shoot fee

All mares will be artificially inseminated. Shipped semen available for an additional fee.

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